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Dinefuse’s ordering and fast-checkout increase average order value by 20%, save 15 minutes per table and generate 40% more tips.

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Why you have to choose Dinefuse

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Increase Your Revenue More Than 30%

  • Increased Table Turnover
  • Increased Ticket Sizes
  • Increased Tips
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Decrease Operational Costs by 30%

  • Eliminate Human Errors
  • Increased Labor Productivity
  • Low Maintenance Cost
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Gain More Control Over Your Business

  • Real-Time Data
  • Data Analytics for Smarter Decisions
  • Update with One Click

The Most Important Restaurant Technology

Toast Touchscreen POS Terminal

Point of Sale Terminals

Most touchscreen terminals are powered by restaurant POS software that’s designed with an intuitive, easy-to-understand interface, so staff can move fast and new hires can learn quickly. Touchscreen POS terminals simplify the order-taking process, so you can place more orders faster and generate more revenue.

Order and Pay at the Table

Order and Pay at the table

In the Guide to the Restaurant Guest During COVID-19, 34% of guests said that contactless/mobile payment availability is now extremely important to their dining experiences. And 33% of guests said that pay at the table technology is extremely important to their dining experiences.

Hardware Toast Go

Handheld Point of sale systems

Because handheld POS systems allow for at-the-table ordering and payment, servers can improve order speed and accuracy and turn tables faster. And customers spend less time waiting for their food and the bill. Handheld POS systems also increase the number of customers you can serve and the number of orders you can fulfill in a given shift.

Contactless Payments

Contactless Payments

As we covered above for Order and Pay at the Table, contactless payment availability is becoming more and more important to guests’ dining experiences. In the Guide to the Restaurant Guest During COVID-19, 34% of guests said that contactless / mobile payment availability is now extremely important to their dining experiences.

Contactless payment solutions help you keep your guests safe and secure by letting them tap, dip, or swipe to pay for their orders. This prevents unnecessary or unwanted physical contact between guests and staff at a time when safety and social distancing are paramount.

toast kiosk 03 1

Self-Order Kiosks

Self-order kiosks are a growing trend and are becoming a major facet of quick service and fast casual restaurants. In the 2019 Restaurant Success Report, 53% of guests marked self-ordering kiosks as either somewhat important or extremely important to their guest experience.

Self-order kiosks are gaining popularity for a number of reasons. They allow restaurants to meet diners’ expectations with a top-notch digital experience and easy-to-use interfaces. They also give guests more control over the ordering process, making it easier for them to review the menu and customize their orders.

Kitchen Display Screen 1

Kitchen Display Screens

The restaurant kitchen can be a hectic place, so, depending on your restaurant’s needs, printed tickets might not be your best option. Many restaurants today are instead using kitchen display systems (KDS) to keep things moving efficiently in the kitchen and throughout the entire restaurant.

KDS is becoming more common for a number of reasons. Compared to traditional ticket printers, KDS is more environmentally friendly because it’s 100% digital. It also saves restaurants on the small but added cost of ticket paper and eliminates the all-too-common problem of paper tickets getting smudged by grease or falling to the ground.



Grab a coffee while your guests are paying their checks through their mobile phones


Dinefuse integrates more than 30 platforms to streamline your restaurant’s ordering process


FineDines AI-powered technology identifies the most preferred order combinations of items.


Our support team helps you online 24/7 on our website


Dinefuse keeps track of what your customers do to help you with menu engineering.


Change colors, fonts, add your logo and reflect your branding with one click

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